maandag 21 maart 2011

Terra Militaris: part 1 Meeting the game

The first game i'm going to review is called "Terra Militaris" it's made by Gpotato.
It's a classic old age browser game or is it? I've found this browser game to be quite renewing.

In this part of the review i'll give a short description about what it's all about.
Like in all games we get to choose a nation/faction. We can choose between roman,chinese,persian or egyptian.
All nations have different advantages over each other one isn't made stronger than the other.

The differences with other web browser games already starts here : As a player you have to work with your fellow [insert nation here] to defend, conquer and rule your country.
Note: It's impossible to attack someone from your own nation.

Here we have the log in screen :
Terra Militaris log in screen
Again we can see the 4 available nations, when we log in the first time we get this screen:

Nation Selection Screen

Here we can choose our nation as i've said before all nations have their advantages. I will list them below.

For the Romans:
  • Lumber Production +20%
  • Average Unit Strength
  • Bonus Units Hp
  • Special Units: Cataphract / Gladiator
 For the Chinese:
  • Food Production +20%
  • Greater defensive abilities
  • Faster Building
  • Special Units: Chu-ko-nu / Mangudai
For the Persians:
  • Stone Production +20%
  • Units have higher strength
  • Merchant load bonus
  • Special Units: Mamluk / War elephant 
For the Egyptians:
  • Metal Production +20% 
  • Stronger Siege equipment
  • Faster research times
  • Special Units:  Anubis Guard / Anubis Chariot
You also might have noticed the text field where you can input castelan name and castle name.
The castelan name is going to be the name of your character/ruler/hero that leads the kingdom.
Castle name is referring to the name of your village/city/fortress.

After you click the create button it's time to start the game... at last.

I hope you enjoyed my review and i'll post part 2 First steps in the game as soon as possible!

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  1. I like browser games thx for tip +followed

  2. I love these kinds of games! Thanks for writing about it, I have a new game to play.

  3. Nice! I had no idea this existed. Fun way to spend some time during lunch, while all the people hungrily slurp down their shakes. The slobs.

  4. not a big fan of browser games but i kinda like this one.